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Born and raised in Bratislava (Slovakia), where he began perfecting his DJ craft at the age of twelve on turntables.

Dj Mercy has the opportunity to show his creative mixing and scratching skills in European cities like London, Vienna, Prague, Bratislava

but also in Asian cities like Tokyo, Bangkok, Puerto Princesa, or Maldives.


He loves hip-hop culture and turntablism. Dj Mercy is also a fan of graffiti painting, digital graphics and video creation, hip-hop and popping dance. He is fond of travelling, good food and adventure.  ​DJing has been his full time job finished sixteen. DJ Mercy has played a lot of events in a FANCY CLUBS, WILD FESTIVALS, W RESORT, or he supported famous hip-hop artists on tours.

DJ Mercy's mixes are full of positive vibes with the best from Hip Hop, RnB, Dancehall, House, Moombahton, Twerk, Trap, but also Raggaeton, Raggae, Funk, Disco, Soul and Chill Vibes... it depends on a place and atmosphere.


New Lex Club (Tokyo) 

Lava Club (Bangkok)

The Garage Club (London)

W Maldives (Fesdu Island)

Tiki club (Palawan-Phillipines) 

M1 (Prague) 

Radost FX (Prague) 

Fragezeichen (Vienna)

The Club (Bratislava)

Trafo (Bratislava)

Masquerade (Bratislava) 

Nu Spirit Club (Bratislava) 

Ministry Of Fun (Banska Bystrica)

Uprising Festival 

Hip-Hop Žije Festival 

And many more... 

​​Dj Mercy on Tours:

Majk Spirit Samurai tour (2017)

Momo Rival 2 Krst (2017)

Rytmus Krstný Otec tour (2017)

Kontrafaft Navždy tour (2016)

Momo Za Očami 1 year tour (2015)

Hip-Hop Reality tour (2015)

Vladis Generácia tour (2014)

Suvereno Alchymista tour (2013)

Vec Stereo-farboslepo tour (2012)

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